We Don’t See Pitchers Winning 25 Games Very Often…

I want to push all the Mets stuff aside for at least one small post, to mention something going on in the world of Major League Baseball that i think we should look at (and NO it doesn’t involve “hat-gate”).

We’ve seen Sandy Koufax win 25 games and go onto win the MVP and Cy Young that season.

We now have the opportunity to witness a pitcher reaching the 25 win plateau again, joining the likes of Koufax and Seaver.

Justin Verlander has been nothing short of dominant in 2011.  It kind of surprised me to see him perform this well and this dominant.

With Verlander very close to earning his 25th win this season, he could become the next pitcher to win both the Cy Young and MVP award in the American League.

He currently has 24 wins, and has several more opportunities No. 25 this season.

In this day and age, we rarely see guys get as many innings, and as many starts as the Tigers ace.

In 33 starts this season Verlander has thrown 244 innings struck out 244 batters. K’s. Did i forget to mention he threw a no-hitter this season too?

Who knows when we’ll ever witness something like this again.