Tying Up The Loose Ends

I saw a picture yesterday of the Mets clubhouse room with all the empty cubby holes – this group knew ahead of time that they could go home and they did. They were all ready to leave and they went. Some to rest up and get healthy, some just to stay home and get to know their wives and kids again – there are some newborns to see, too. I’ve often wondered what kind of life this must be – for all the power and glory, you are still under control of an organization who controls you for nine months of every year, on field and off. However, most of these guys have dreamed of life in the Big Leagues since childhood and are still happy to be here.

This brings me to Jose Reyes, who made a choice on the last day of the season that was talked about fervently until other events – more important and exciting – took place at about midnight. We’ve got to remember that Jose won a personal award, one that really had nothing to do with the team, so I’m giving him whatever he wants to do about that. Leaving the Mets organization is a whole other thing.

Another plus that has been agreed upon for this offseason is a semi – complete revision of the outfield fences. This is the fault of the Wilpons – they always want to do something ‘different’, believing that it will show they really know baseball, but that is not always true. This wall has been a detriment, not a help and it will cost the Wilpons a bunch of dollars to boot.

Sandy Alderson doesn’t really get any breaks until the holidays, at which time I hope he takes a long vacation, since you never hear him complain and is always a low-keyed brilliant gentleman. I also think that the staff he has is very helpful to him – they’ve all been together a long time.

This brings me to a favorite Met – any man who can shed real tears about his team is a big plus for me and Terry Collins did that yesterday. I’m sure the team realized his emotions were a symbol of how much he cares for them and their well-being, and how much he will miss them over the break.

Terry – from me to you – relax, you did good – enjoy the time off.