The Wilpons, Sandy Koufax and Me

Intriguing isn’t it – how would I ever get together with those people?

In years past, I was also friendly with George Steinbrenner – rest his soul – he was a fine man and very personable when we met at the Belmont Ball. Both of us were running horses in the Belmont and we wished each other ‘racing luck’.

I met the Wilpons and Sandy Koufax at the race track when I was with Eugene Jacobs – one of the finest horse trainers in the business.

So you never know who you will run into along the way in this life. Now, I can tell you the big difference between the Wilpons and Sandy. The Wilpons believe that they are way above the average person and don’t share anything very well – usually money, but friends as well. So that day at the race track – Sandy and I became long-distance friends. He liked to play in some of the summer golf tournaments in Connecticut and I went and walked along with him. My golf is/was much better than his, but he sure tried. However as a person – even a famous person – he was first class.

I never saw the Wilpons in person again, and that was fine with me. Slowly through the years I learned about them and their ‘family’ way of doing business. They would use family members to ‘fix the books’ so to speak and keep the money moving – usually with Bernie Madoff running the show. I really had no idea about how all that stuff worked. However, I must admit I was quite surprised when Fred named Jeffy as the Mets President. That was a shock. In recent years, with Madoff now in jail for over 150 years things have changed. The judicial system has gotten into the Wilpons finances and Mario Cuomo is trying to sort things out. He will have a report as soon as he can solve some of the issues there.

As for the Mets baseball team, I love them and I especially love the way they’ve treated Terry Collins who is their new manager this year. The whole group is happy, smiling and trusts Terry like family. Everyone connected with the team is First Class – especially the SNY gang.

I wish I lived closer and could attend some games, but that’s not happening. What is happening is that the Mets are coming together as a team, and it’s Terry Collins who is responsible for that.

Thanks to all involved, Mets fans are forever.