Mets On The Verge Of Climbing Mt. 500 Once Again

When the Mets fell to 61-68 I began to think about how bad this might get.  They had fought so hard all season long, and now the injuries were finally starting to take their toll on this young roster.  The guys like Turner, Tejada, and Gee among others were beginning to get exposed playing everyday and this team would spiral out of control to another terrible record.  As it turned out, the opposite happened. The fight we saw early in the season as this team fought time and time again to get back to .500, and eventually reaching a season high 4 games over at 55-51 began to surface again.

Since we dropped to 61-68 we are 9-3 and currently sit at 70 up and 71 down.  Heading into tonight’s game we can reach that all important mark of .500 we have been striving for all season.

Some people may think it’s sad that our goal is to be a .500 club.  However, I feel that it would be a huge accomplishment and a confidence boost for this group of guys.  We have been so bad over the past few seasons that a step in the right direction is much needed for this club.  You can’t tell me that even though we won’t be making the playoffs, that there still isn’t a difference from going 81-81 as a pose to 75-87.

Terry Collins has instilled fight in the group of players.  Not only that, they are a resilient bunch who is fighting for their careers and starting jobs on this team or others.  With so many players fighting for jobs and a coaching staff who won’t tolerate anything but hard work, you get what you see today, a hard working team that does not give up when they are down.

I have wondered all year how we have won games with the roster we have sent out there everyday.  Aside from Reyes, Beltran who’s gone, and Murphy before who got hurt, who is driving this bus? Well as you have seen lately, its guys like Turner, Evans, Tejada and Duda.  All of whom are young players; fighting for job and coming up clutch when the stars like Bay and Wright have failed ahead of them.

I honestly can’t believe our record is what is today after falling 7 games under.  It’s a tribute to the hard work and the determination and focus Terry Collins and his coaching staff has instilled in these players.  While we don’t have the Harvey’s and Wheeler’s of the world to watch this September, we continue to have the guys who have fought for us all season long  The players who have played their hearts out tying to give us a good season and quality baseball to watch.  Let’s keep supporting them, because they could have given up on this season a long time ago, but they continue to fight.  A .500 season is in our sights, let’s hope that we can reach that goal and look to build on it for next season.

How you feel about ending .500 or better, does it matter to you, do you feel it is important?


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