Justin Turner Is A Money (Clutch) Player

In tonight’s dramatic 8-6 comeback win for the Mets over the Cardinals, pinch hitter Justin Turner worked out a 10-pitch bases loaded walk to drive in the first run of the Mets’ six-run ninth inning.

SNY analyst Bobby Ojeda had this to say immediately following the game:

“Justin Turner is a money player. When the game is on the line and you need a clutch at-bat in a huge spot, there’s only one player on this team you want up in that situation and that’s Justin Turner. That’s what what makes Turner such a money player.”

“I hear some players on this team complaining about beiing tired and that it’s been a long season or whatever… that’s not Justin Turner. Turner loves being out there and I happen to know he’s got some aches and pains, but that doesn’t matter to him because he loves this game. He’s a fighter.”

Last week, I wrote about how clutch Justin Turner has been for the Mets this season and wrote:

I’d rather have Turner and his .270 average playing at second base over another player with a higher average and on-base percentage, that shrinks in pressure situations. We’ve had our share of those types over the years.

Sometimes, you just have to go beyond the statistical data, and look at a player’s swagger and fearlessness when the game is on the line. Good hitters are not really that difficult to find, but players as clutch as Turner are the special ones and the ones you keep.

That comment prompted some jeers and tweets from a few of the folks at Amazin Avenue, most of whom start sweating profusely whenever anyone mentions the word “clutch”. I think a lot them were probably reaching for the Tums when Bobby-O started pouring on the accolades for Turner’s continued clutchness tonight.

Even Terry Collins had this to say about Justin Turner in clutch situations while discuassing Turner’s walk-off double a couple of weeks ago:

“Of all the guys on the team Turner is probably the most disciplined in those situations. He just wants to put the ball in play and he doesn’t care where it goes.”

Of all the guys on the team? He said it, not me…

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