Jason Bay: Too Little, Too Late

Quite frankly, I’m a little sick and tired of the free ride Jason Bay has gotten this year from a New York media that loves to pick and choose who gets blasted in this town, and who doesn’t. I regret the day we signed Jason Bay, and I’m not going to be swayed now simply because he’s finally hitting some meaningless home runs and collecting some meaningless RBI’s in the remaining meaningless games of the 2011 season.

Am I supposed to forget the two years of pathetic production at a cost of $32 million dollars, just because Bay is a nice guy and likes to hustle?

Nobody gave Francoeur a free ride for his hustle and nice-guy reputation, so why is everyone falling all over themselves gloating about Jason Bay?

I actually did something I’ve never done before on Friday… I had to press the mute button on my remote about five minutes into the GKR lovefest over Jason Bay legging out a double against the Cubs during the Mets game. I mean, come on guys, really? They made it seem like that double was worth every penny of his $66 million dollar contract. Later on, after a base hit fell in front of him in left field, they sneaked in another beauty, “what a valiant effort by Jason”. Jason? Valiant? Gimme a break…

Going into Sunday’s contest, Bay had a nine game hitting streak in which he’s hit .378 with three home runs and 12 RBI. A few beat writers reported that apparently Bay has been studying his 2009 swing with hitting coach Dave Hudgens… Really? So now that the Mets have been mathematically eliminated… Now that we’ve had to endure five months of a black hole in left field… Now that we’ve suffered through not one, but two atrocious seasons from our token Canadian… Only now, we’re going to look at some old video from 2009 to fix Jason Bay?

I guess Bay just realized that according to the terms of his contract, he’s going to need 500 plate appearances in 2012 and 2013 for his $18 million dollar 2014 vesting option to kick in. Surely he must know that he was looking at reduced playing time next season unless he made a drastic turnaround at the plate. So now’s as good a time as any to get ready for the 2012 season.

Some have called Alderson a genius for getting rid of K-Rod and Beltran, which I still don’t really understand. Basically, we paid the other teams to take them off our hands, and it will be years until we find out if we got bragging rights on any of the players we received. Good deals? Sure, why not, but hardly genius-worthy.

That said, if Alderson can trade Jason Bay this offseason, a feat that won’t be nearly as easy as trading two top performing players along with an accompanying boatload of cash, then I’ll let the accolades fly for the Mets GM.

Let me see Alderson pull this rabbit out of his hat this offseason, and I’ll have our graphics designer Kelly, create a special “Genius” graphic just for him.

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