In Unabashed Praise of David Wright – And His Friend, Derek

I come before you to praise David, not to bury him. If you don’t want to read this, you need not.

David is from Newport News Virginia where his Father is a Police Captain and his Mom is a School Guidance Counselor. He has three younger brothers, with whom he shared one room with two bunk beds, while growing up.

Now, David is the only one who does not have a college education – why? – because he spent his baseball money putting his brothers through college. Schools and Police Departments do not have big budgets.

David has a friend named Derek. Someone who has helped him through his years here in NY.  No matter what you think, say, or imagine, these two men are the idols of many children – and grown ups – who recognize their devotion to their teams, and how hard they work, both on and off the field.

I feel that both men are doing the work of the angels. Proving to one and all that you can be an athlete and remain a good guy while providing a shining example of sportsmanship for all youngsters.

Thanks – Derek and David – you’ve got my vote and admiration forever.  I’ll bet there are a whole bunch of people in the metropolitan area who agree with me.

Let’s hear the applause.