From Left Field: Who Should Stay And Who Should Go?

The English punk rock group, The Clash, was famous for the song “Should I Stay or Should I Go.”

With the season winding down, let’s do a Mets-related version of this song. For 2012, who should stay and who should go?


Manny Acosta: Though erratic at times, he showed he deserves a spot in next year’s bullpen.

Pedro Beato: Shut him down now so as to not hurt the kid’s confidence anymore, but he’s gone through stretches of greatness.

Tim Byrdak: Already re-signed for next year, really tough on lefties.

D.J. Carrasco: Two-year deal was a bad choice, team is stuck with him again next year.

R.A. Dickey: Poor start to season, but really turned it on over last few months. No run support, thus losing record. Valuable fourth starter.

Dillon Gee: Either ran out of gas or hitters made the adjustment, but was a completely different pitcher in second half. Needs to regain early season form heading into next year. Probably will be fifth starter.

Daniel Herrera: Been a huge surprise, would be nice to have another lefty in the pen.

Jon Niese: He’s on the verge of a breakout year one of these years, just needs to stay healthy.

Bobby Parnell: May not be ready to be a full-time closer, but will only get better by facing professional hitters. Still has great stuff.

Johan Santana: Will hopefully toe the rubber on Opening Day, but I don’t want to jinx anything.

Josh Stinson: Looked great as September call-up. Could compete for a bullpen spot.

Josh Thole: Still has work to do offensively and defensively, but work ethic and attitude are there. Must prove he’s an everyday catcher.

Ike Davis: A healthy Ike Davis is a hitting machine. Tough blow for him this year.

Lucas Duda: Definitely showed positive strides over second half. As of now, the 2012 starting right fielder. Not exactly an outfielder, but can get better out there, especially if the Citi Field fences are adjusted.

Daniel Murphy: Outfield has become a possibility for Murph, but he may best be suited for a super-utility role. But how can a guy who hits .320 not play every day?

Jose Reyes: Fingers crossed that the Mets can sign him to a long-term deal.

David Wright: Is a better player with Reyes in the lineup. Needs to stay healthy all season. Name him team captain?

Mike Baxter: Very limited sample, but could be a lefty bat off the bench, little bit of pop, can play multiple positions.

Jason Bay: If he hits the whole season like he did the last month, watch out. If not, he’s looking like one of the worst signings in team history. Still has a few years on contract.


Miguel Batista: Made a few quality starts, but way past his prime. If they keep him, it would be in an insurance role in Buffalo.

Taylor Buchholz: Remember that guy? Don’t think he’ll be back.

Chris Capuano: Only if the Mets are desperate for a starting pitcher should they bring him back. He had a few great starts this season, but had a bad tendency for running out of gas by the fifth inning. He might be picked up by another team anyway.

Ryota Igarashi: It’s time for Iggy to go. His two-year deal is up. Good luck to whatever team rolls the dice on him.

Jason Isringhausen: Izzy was easily one of the best stories in the MLB this season, but how long will he be able to keep it up? It may not be worth the risk, especially since he really doesn’t factor into the team’s long-term plans. Great job this season though.

Mike Pelfrey: If the Mets can find a taker for Big Pelf via trade, now is the time. But knowing the Mets luck, Pelfrey will turn into the next Nolan Ryan.

Ronny Paulino: Was a decent stopgap, but team must find a more permanent solution at catcher.

Scott Hairston: Has good pop, but strikes out too much.

Willie Harris: Another stopgap player. His versatility is on his side at least.


Chris Young: He was very effective in his few starts but then got hurt. Is the injury risk worth the reward? He’d have to accept a deal laden with incentives.

Mike Nickeas: Will probably assume the role again of third catcher, which hopefully means he’ll be in Buffalo.

Nick Evans: Has showed some serious pop over last few weeks. But where does he fit in with this team? Might be more valuable as a trade chip than being buried on the bench when everyone else is healthy.

Justin Turner: Another guy who showed flashes this year, seems that he’s been passed by Tejada, but the two would complement each other nicely for a full season.

Fernando Martinez: What are we going to do with this guy? Still young but never healthy.

Angel Pagan: When focused, he’s an exciting player that can do virtually anything on a baseball field. When unfocused, he makes himself look bad with his baserunning blunders or poor routes to the ball in center. Could be a non-tender candidate.

Jason Pridie: Nice option for a final spot on team. Good defensive outfielder.

Agree? Disagree? Tell me what you think.

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