Davey Johnson: Mets Will Pay The Price If They Slash Payroll To $100MM

This is from Mike Puma in the NY Post who asked Nationals manager Davey Johnson about the fallout effect of the Mets dropping payroll to $100 million, as Fred Wilpon earlier this year, and Sandy Alderson said during a visit to the Buffalo Bisons on Thursday:

The former Mets manager danced around that question last night, but sounded skeptical about the Mets’ chances of competing in the NL East next season if the payroll is slashed to $100 million — a possibility, given the franchise’s financial woes. “That’s fine, $100 million, if you’ve got all the pieces together and you only have one or two question marks, then you’re a competitive club,” Johnson said. “But in the scheme of things, $100 million is not a huge payroll. What’s the Phillies’ payroll? One hundred and [seventy] million? And you’re in a bigger market. You do the math and analyze the process, and are they ready?

Will the Mets be able to to contend with the top division rivals on a reduced payroll that if true will be slashed about 35% from a year ago?