Could We Be Seeing Mike Pelfrey’s Last Starts In A Mets Uniform?

For the past few seasons it was believed that Mets starter Mike Pelfrey had the goods to be a top of the rotation type starter.  Last season he had his best season as a pro as he won 15 games against just 9 losses.  His career low 3.66 ERA and dominance for most of the season warranted thoughts that he had finally put it together.  Mets fans had dreams of slotting him behind Santana as the number 2 starter.  Sadly that was not to be.

The man people call “Big Pelf” was tabbed the opening day as soon as Terry Collins was named the new skipper.  He was really the choice by default because other than Dickey coming off his first good season and Niese improving there was nobody else who could don the opening day starters cap.  What we got instead of an “ace” was a disaster, and not a man named “Big pelf”, but a man named “small pelf”.

Pelfrey is in the midst of his worst season as a pro to date.  He has entered his prime at age 27, and the big righty seems to be going backwards.  Despite all the hype and all the hope and projections, his career numbers prove he is a .500 pitcher.  This season he has been just way to inconsistent.

He has always be a hittable pitcher with a career batting average against of .282.  However this season he is not only getting hit, but he is getting hit hard with regularity.  His season WHIP of 1.45 is just pathetic and he has already given up a career high in home runs with 19.  He is 50-52 in 142 games started for the Mets and has a career ERA of 4.38, not quite top of the rotation numbers.

Pelfrey made almost $4 million this season and is up  for arbitration again this winter, you have to start the ask the question of whether he will be here next season?  Not to mention the fact that his agent is Scott Boras and Pelfrey will be a free agent after the 2013 season.  There is no doubt Boras will command big money for his client and will pump out numbers that project him to be better than he will ultimately be.   We as Mets fans know that Mike Pelfrey is not worth $10-15 million a year which is what Boras will most likely get for him on the open market.

With so many young pitchers such as Matt Harvey, Jeurys Familia and Zack Wheeler on the horizon, there is no room for Pelfrey going forward if he is going to pitch like this.   I think it’s time to cut the cord.  Sandy Alderson has not ties to him as he was drafted by Minaya’s regime.

Sandy has his own plan and I have to imagine it does not include a sinker ball pitcher who doesn’t throw a sinker ball.  I am also sure it does not include a pitcher who licks his hands more than he gets outs.  The writing is on the wall as Alderson begins to make this team his own, and with the way Pelfrey is struggling he may be one of the first pitch himself out of town.