Could He Do It?

At this point, it’s down to Jose Reyes and Ryan Braun for the National League batting title.  In the beginning of the season it looked like Reyes was a shoe-in for MVP, however,  with the combination of injuries and the Mets plummeting in the standings, that chance really went away.  As of now here are the league leaders in batting average.

As you can see it is down to two, but yet too close to call.  If Reyes keeps up his multi hit games over the next two weeks, and keeps his no-hit games at a low, it looks like our guy, Jose, could be taking home the crown.

Not to say that this is not a great achievement, but its not the only “crown” the Mets wanted.  After today’s breakdown from manager Terry Collins the Mets know to be ready for change. We don’t know how, but Terry Collins has made it clear that he won’t accept losing like this anymore.  Next year at this time he wants to be fighting for a playoff spot.

Can’t blame the man for being mad, after all this is his team. Maybe Collins thinks he wasn’t dealt the right cards, or maybe he just doesn’t have the right roster. No matter what, Collins will be sure to make it job one to put this team in playoff contention next season.

Also, in my opinion, I like to see this fierce competitive spirit out of a coach.  We haven’t seen that in a while.

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