Citi Field: The Apple Has Fallen Far From The Tree Known As Shea

“I think there is some sense that the park is a little more overwhelming to a team that spends half its time there as opposed to a team that comes in for three games and doesn’t really have to alter an approach… We’re taking a very serious look at it, and done some analyses, and I would think sometime in October we’ll make a decision as to exactly what we’re going to do. Any changes we make won’t be subtle.” ~ Sandy Alderson, Mets GM

As different as Citi Field is from it’s predecessor, only one word comes to mind to describe the dimensions: Goofy! 

The angled left field wall looks like the green monster gone wild. The Mo Zone looks like the inside of a Chuck E. Cheese. Fortunately, the Mets corrected the wackiest dimension in centerfield after the 2009 season by leveling out the fence.

As far as the rest of the stadium goes, it is not that bad at all. The pepsi porch is very unique. There are many more places to eat. The seating views have improved greatly as a whole.

As much fan friendly as Citi Field is, it’s time to finish the job and make it player friendly as well.

I am not saying to make it a home run hitter’s haven, but give them a bit more of a chance.

Going with 8 foot fences from left to right is a good move. Put the Mo Zone in the upper deck where it belongs. Add a little more Mets blue into the walls that are corporate green. More importantly, lets make these changes fast so we could finally host an all star game in 2013.