Are The Mets Done Shoving Parnell Down Our Throats Yet?

This is beginning to get ridiculous now.  First the Mets removed Izzy from the closer role and asked him to groom Parnell to be the teams closer.  Now since Parnell has blown 5 saves in 10 chances they have decided to try John Franco as a potential mentor/tutor?

I am getting a little tired of this whole thing.  He throws really really hard, but THAT’S IT!  He has never been consistent with his secondary pitches and without that he will NEVER be a successful back of the bullpen arm.

Natural closer’s are born with the attitude that you need to succeed with the game on the line. You can teach good mechanics, but you can’t teach the killer instinct you need to be a closer.

Parnell is scared and does not have the guts to get the job done. I wish the Mets would stop shoving him down our throats already!

Why don’t they just banish him to the 7th inning role because that is the only spot he will ever succeed.  If he can’t get it done in that role then he needs to be gone because he will be worthless to us.

He could throw 1,000 MPH, but if he does not have the mental toughness to get it done with the game on the line he’s still going to fail.  At 27 years old he is not a baby anymore and this whole charade of Parnell that has been going for a few years now has just run it’s course.

He got a shot to pitch in clutch situations a few years ago when Wagner went down and he bombed.  Now after a couple seasons of maturation he got another opportunity and he has bombed again.

I’m sick of the questions of whether or not Parnell can be a closer.  Isn’t it obvious that he can’t???

I don’t care how hard he throws, I think Bobby has made it pretty clear that he’s not the guy to succeed Krod!  What I don’t understand is why the Mets don’t see it.

Does anyone else agree with me on this, or am I just Crazy???

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