And The Days Dwindle Down — For The Mets

I’ve just re-read a column I wrote in the Spring when all was fresh and new and we were excited, but didn’t know what the season would bring. The column was titled “The Boys in the Booth” and I loved re-reading it. With talent like Gary, Keith and Ron – you’ve already hit an inside the park home run.

Now I’m going to say goodbye and/or see you in the spring to some others.

R.A. Dickey R.A. Dickey #43 of the New York Mets looks on against the Philadelphia Phillies at Citi Field on July 15, 2011 in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City.

First of all is R.A. Dickey who has turned into a very special and talented pitcher. I hope he enjoys the season off with his family – and the newborn- and comes back happy and healthy – he works so hard and is so disciplined and prepared that others on this team ought to pay some attention to him.

We’ve got so many people playing daily and nightly that at the moment no one stands out. I’ll be awaiting Terry’s opinion in the Spring. Terry’s the one who really caught my attention this summer – every day he kept to his routine and did something nice for a player. This man knows his ‘kids’ inside and out and because so many of them are in their early twenties and away from home he has provided a family- like atmosphere for them. You can tell that Terry loves his job – lets hope that an extension is in the books for him from Sandy.

I have to find a place in this article for Kevin Burkhardt – you never know where he will show up or with whom. He is the one person who can navigate around Citi Field without a map. He’d make friends with everyone if he had the time. Frankly I”m not as fond of those who sit at the TV desks and play crazy baseball games but I’m excluding the Daily News at 5, and most of the work by Chris and Bobby.

Because I’m not exclusively a Mets fan, and will follow all of the games leading up to the final out of the World Series, I only have a bit of a withdrawal since the last game is usually played right before Thanksgiving and Christmas Shopping. However I do wish that some of the regular team announcers would be asked to work the games – if they wish. It’s not fun to find yourself screaming at the TV when some new network announcer has really made a big mistake. Train them elsewhere, please.

And now a special note for Keith Hernandez – I’m not sure whether you stay in Florida all winter, but thank you for the picnic at the Pepsi porch last summer. The bit with you and the hot dog was priceless – thanks for the memory…….