Why Must The Mets Play With Our Emotions So Much?

Being a Mets fans is a full time job. It takes a toll on you mentally, physically (if you break stuff) and emotionally. I can not remember a season in recent memory that was just fun, exciting and enjoyable without any let downs at seasons end. It’s part of what makes being a Mets fan so much fun, and ultimately so rewarding when the finally do win.

Since I can remember the Mets have been filled with drama both on and off the field. Whether you go back to 86 with the drinking and the drugs, or you get dragged through the mud with the Madoff lawsuit today, it’s always something. What would it be like if the Mets played a season where they quietly just beat everyone, without any side shows?

The Amazins have been just that, Amazin when they win. But, when they don’t, you better buckle up because it’s going to be a bumpy ride. We have been around since 1962 and have only enjoyed only 5 division titles, 4 NL pennants, 2 wild card berths and 2 World Series victories. So in 50 seasons we have only been to the playoffs a total of 7 times! That means we miss the playoffs 86% of the time.

Winning so few and far between has it’s advantages and disadvantages however. When we win, it is an amazing feeling. It feels like we have been building up for so long to reach the ultimate goal. Our victories are memorable, and that is what makes them so special.

Losing however always has a much different feel. Most of the time we don’t just lose, we get our hearts ripped out. It always feels like we are being teased. The Mets remind me of someone who you have your eye on, but they keep giving you mixed signals. When you finally decide to buy in and put yourself out there, they reject you and tell you they are not interested.

When we lose, it is always in dramatic fashion. Blowing a 7.5 game lead with 17 left to play ring a bell? How about a called strike three, getting knocked out of playoff contention on the last day two years in a row. Or better yet, how did it feel when Benitez blew game 1 that we had in the bag in the 2000 World Series against the Yankees?

When we win it’s the exact same way.  The Amazin and improbable run in 69 and the bad boys of 86.  Even the exciting run in 2006 was filled with teams hating us for dancing and celebrating on the field as we beat down the National League all seasons long.  It’s funny how when we start to win out of nowhere, we get this cockiness and arrogance about ourselves like we have been doing it for the last 10 years.  We take on the personality of our great City and fan base and run with it.

Take this season for example. How are we even winning games, let along being in a playoff race. Wait, aren’t we 4 games under, no we are 4 games over, no, we are .500. It’s a constant battle against ourselves. We win, we lose, and then we win again before we lose again (if that makes any sense). It’s what makes being a Mets fan fun, but it was also makes being a Mets fan so frustrating and exhausting.

When the season is over, I feel mentally drained, like I played the whole season with them. I keep telling myself, it will all be worth it when we win again. I know that it will be worth all of the bad times, because when you win after so much adversity, it just makes that victory so much sweeter.  I don’t know if I can wait another quarter century for another World Series title. So they better hurry up, Lets Go Mets!

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