Video: Brandon Nimmo Talks About His Pro Debut With Mets

Here is a video of Brandon Nimmo talking about his first hit as a pro, courtesy of SNY and hat tip to Mike Diaz of Mets Minor League Blog.

Wow that was quick.  Brandon Nimmo made his professional debut for the Mets organization yesterday afternoon..  He played for the GCL Mets affiliate and was in the starting lineup batting 2nd.  He did not play in the field, instead he batted as the DH.

Nimmo had a line drive single in 6 at-bats and scored his first run on a sacrifice fly.  He also had a couple ground outs, fly outs, and a strikeout.

Nimmo’s first game was not very eventful, but it is still exciting to see him take the field so soon.  We have had so many of our young prospects such as Wilmer Flores, Cesar Puello, and Cory Vaughn under perform this season that is it nice to see what this kid can do.

I just wrote the other day that he could be in games as early as next week.  However, it appears that since he has been playing in summer league games while he was negotiating his deal, the team felt he was prepared to play in some games.  The minor league season is also almost over, so i’m sure they really wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to see him play in some professional games before it ended.

Since he is batting as the DH in his first game, it will be interesting to see when and where they decide to play him in the field.  He can play all three outfield positions, has a lot of speed, and is an above average defender.  I am also curious to see what other spots they choose to bat him in the order.