System Failure: Mets 10 Games Back In Wild Card After 9-5 Loss To Padres

Game Summary

Poor defense, thirteen men left-on-base, and poor pitching cost Mets another loss despite late inning rally. Fall ten back of WC with 9-5 Loss.

Game Notes

RA Dickey, bad start, good finish, no luck. Twenty-four starts, five wins. He was off to a poor start to the season, but haven’t had the chance to win. Five runs given up in the first three innings, but nothing in his next three innings. Six innings, six hits, five runs – three earned, one walk, one strikeout. A knuckleball that has not been effective, and a fastball that was not helpful. 81 pitches and a 3.75 ERA. I still like him, but if an offer comes around in the offseason that could better the Mets, especially the bullpen, well then triggers need to be pulled.

Beato pitched two innings in relief. First inning gave up two hits, one run, one walk, one K. Second inning, 1-2-3. Parnell has been around for three years, and has not become a pitcher yet, just a guy who can throw 100 MPH. A starter, reliever, setup man, closer: none of which he was even good at. I need sabermetrics to know what he is, he sucks. Can’t even tag a base with his foot. He needs to leave. Four hits, three runs, thirty pitches for one inning.

Only two errors read on the scorecard tonight for the Mets, but many mental errors were made. Tejada not tagging out a runner who almost ran him over, poor sliding, Harris not playing in when he should, Parnell not tagging first, not throwing the ball where he needs to, poor throw to second by Dickey, Turner not catching that throw, throwing error by Pagan. This team needs to get it together.

The hitting was there tonight for the Mets with fourteen hits, but only four runs. The younger, bottom of the lineup players were the bigger contributors. Despite a late inning rally, the thirteen men LOB, ends it in a loss.

Tejada had three hits, and a double.

Thole had four hits, one double. His four hits, tie a career high.

Nick Evans had a PH RBI double. Can we start including him in the starting lineup over Mike Baxter now? Baxter in his ML starting debut, 1-3, 2 BB, K.

Angel Pagan left the game in the bottom of the fourth inning with lower back spasms.

Game Ball

The youngsters, I guess

Up Next

Jon Niese and Cory Luebke face off in finale. Game time 12:10 PM.