Organizing My Desk

Lately I’ve been tied up with the Mets at the Court, not the Mets on the field. Neither stick to a timetable, but the on-the-field Mets certainly win their part – and of course there are all the updated readings to consider in the Court case. With the Mets team, all I need to make some sense of it all is a radio during the day when I am doing errands or shopping or whatever – WFAN is my daily companion.

I certainly can’t blame anyone who is in the dugout with Terry Collins for not trying – they are, and so is Terry and his team This is the most prolific part of the whole Mets Organization in my opinion and I was pleased to hear Terry’s name being mentioned in Manager of the Year discussions. It would be simply wonderful if he could win for the way he ran a team which had many, many issues that would have sunk many other managers as we Mets have seen. He’s set a real example for the other managers, hasn’t he?

Sandy Alderson is a bit of a puzzle to me – he knows much more than anyone in or around Citi Field, but holds it in and plays it close to the vest. I’d like to mention to him that the fans in the seats know a few things as well – it’s the Wilpons’ who closed the doors on everything but their own troubles – self made to be sure – and who have avoided the fans for years. Sandy has a charming personality and we’d like to see a bit more of that. 🙂

Look at our blog – MetsMerizedOnline – Joe runs it like a well tuned machine mainly because he has the respect of his bloggers/writers/readers etc. Personally, I’d dump the posts full of stats, but there are those who just adore those facts. We have a great assortment of bloggers, from teenagers to retirees, with all the opinions that go with them – and which makes our blog wonderful to read every day, just like a morning paper. I particularly like the fact that it is usually not just you the readers, but the other writers – who take us to task or congratulate us on our work.

I’ve saved the best for last – that’s the SNY crew – all of them. Has there ever been a better interviewer of the people in the seats/crowd than Kevin Burkhardt? And, he’s always ready with something to get Keith and Ron going – although it doesn’t take much – Gary usually has them pretty much on their best behavior. I’m waiting for the day that someone suggests that Keith and Ron suit up again and show the new guys exactly how to play the infield and/or how to go to work on the mound. We’ll let them do the crossword on their own.

And then there is Ralph Kiner – a man who has history written all over him along with many records and honors. Our own living historian and we are glad to welcome him anytime.

I’ll just mention one of my favorite scenes from the recent games. It was the day that the trio moved outdoors to the Pepsi Porch and did the show from there. The scene is this – Keith has ordered a hot dog for lunch and he is going to show us how he prepares the dog with all sorts of condiments etc. It is one of the funniest scenes ever shown on SNY – although Keith is very serious about his food.

So, although we are closing in on the finish of this season, there are certainly memorable events that we’ve all shared, and lot to be proud of as our young team, led by a manager who loves them, did their best.