Murphy’s Gaffe Leads To Mets 7-3 Loss

Game Summary

A Mike Pelfrey-esque start, a bullpen hold, a bad pitch by Izzy, poor offense against a 4+ ERA starter, and plenty of mental mistakes. A game Duda tied late, was lost in extras. Another one of those games. Mets lose 7-3.

Game Notes

Mike Pelfrey. What else can we say about him that hasn’t already been said about him? He’s not that good. Sure, he’s kept his team in it with only three runs – two earned – allowed, but watching him, you can see he just doesn’t have what he used to with his sinker. Six innings, two earned runs, three walks, three strikeouts, 119 pitches, 4.48 ERA. Our “ace” is not cutting it. But walks away with a ND.

Iggy pitched a one hit, one K inning in relief. Acosta and his…different hair style, pitched two one-two-three innings with four Ks. New hair-do is working for him.

In the first nine innings, Mets offense just didn’t want to get on the same page. A hit here, and out there, a double there, a flyout here. Luckily, Jason Bay hit a homerun where so few can hit a homerun in CitiField to give the Mets the first run for them. Seven on the season, three at home.

After a double by Pagan in the bottom of the ninth, Lucas Duda smashed a two-run homerun to center to tie up the game at three and send the game into extras. The Dude abides! Hairston feels deja-vu.

After Thole strikes out, the game goes into extras and Izzy entered to pitch. After an awkward first pitch that looked like he injured himself, he got himself into a base-loaded, one out jam.

No help from the brainless Daniel Murphy who didn’t throw the ball to Turner on first base with a runner stranded in a run down and got back safely. This of course coming from the guy who didn’t move the bat from home plate while Reyes was trying to score in the same game. Mets are now raising money to purchase a brain for Daniel Murphy. This is a serious issue for the Mets. Please donate. Call, 1-800-DUMB-ASS. Oh, and Mike Stanton shows off his power with a grandslam off Izzy to make it 7-3, Marlins. Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong, Daniel Murphy will probably do it.

Continuing on, Mets lose.

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The Dude!

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