Morning Grind: What Ever Happened To Banner Day?

Ever since 1996, Mets fans have not had the pleasure of going to Banner Day in Flushing. For years, fans would bring banners and signs to the ballpark during double-headers to show their true expression of Mets fandom. But, once MLB stopped scheduling double-headers, so too did the Amazin’s do to the beloved Banner Day.

Fans would tear their bedsheets from their mattresses, write a clever message or image on it and head off to Shea Stadium. Participants would file in from center field and make their way onto the infield to display their creations before all in attendance. I was never old enough to recall a Banner Day, but every single Mets Yearbook I have seen, the common theme throughout every episode, regardless of how the team was doing in the standings, was Banner Day. Players had come and gone, but one thing that was always there for the fans to hold dear was Banner Day once a summer, so why not now?

Just look at the slew of signs and banners brought by the Flushing Faithful in 1984:

*Hat tip to Joe. D for the video link

Personally, I have never been to a Mets game without a sign in hand. I love coming up with something clever to display about the Mets and would be ecstatic to go to Banner Day. There has been a growing movement of fans calling for the return of Banner Day, and I am in full support.

Why not have it before a Sunday Matinée? You could have Howie Rose be the master of ceremonies and hand out prizes, throw a player or two out there to greet the participants on the field, it would be a wonderful event and please the fans.

…Are you writing this down Mr. Wilpon?

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