MMO Fan Shot – Believing and Quitting Make Strange Bedfellows

Once upon a time, on a hot August 6th day, our beloved NY Mets were nine games out of the playoffs. Not the Wildcard – there was no wildcard back then. In fact there was no Central Division either. Only two teams would make it to the playoffs each season and have a chance to face the best team in the American League. Our cross town rivals were 21.5 games out of their Division. These are the days before “The BOSS” (the one from South Jersey and the one from Tampa).

Those nine games out were actually quite an improvement from the previous year where they were next to last in a 10 Team Division, 24 games behind the leader! Only the Houston Astros, California Angels, Chicago White Sox and the Washington Senators were worse than the Mets. But it was nothing new – we were used to meaningless baseball at Shea Stadium as it had been that way with our team since 1962 and the Polo Grounds.

It was not possible back then to “GIVE UP” on that 1969 team simply because we had yet to ever have the “HOPE” or “PROMISE” in them to give up on. When the season was done they managed to win their division by eight games – a shift of 17 games in the standings. They were dubbed “The Miracle” and the Amazins went on to beat the best team in baseball for the World Series… The one with 109 Wins that year… The Orioles!

Now the story might appear to have ended, but no that is not the only tale to tell…

On another August 6th our beloved “Miracle Mets” were 10.5 games out of the division race. Dead Last in the division, better than only three teams league wide, the Texas Rangers, Atlanta Braves and the San Diego Padres. We had been through the 60’s and many lost faith in “Miracles”, but our Mets had one thing to say to everyone about that… “Ya Gotta Believe!”

With that as their battle cry they won the Division by 1.5 games, beat the 99-win “Big Red Machine”, and went onto play the Future Yankees errr I mean the Oakland A’s in the World Series. The same Oakland A’s who would eventually win three World Series in a row (this would be their 2nd) and make it to the playoffs five years straight. A True Dynasty!

I know many of you were not even born when this happened and your only Met victorious experience is 1986, so I don’t expect many of you to remember these stories or hold true to the lessons therein.

Fast forward to 2011…

As fans, you have every right to give up on this team if you want to.

You have the right to convince others that this season is over if you so choose to.

But if you somehow manage to convince the players on this team that their season is over and that they should just give up, not even Sandy Alderson will be able to save them next year or the year after that. Defeatism is a contagious disease, and it’s one that has no cure save winning games which isn’t possible if the players take on the attitude of some of the “FANS” around here!

Making up nine games may not have happened in your lifetime, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

Maybe you’re just too young to know that giving up does not make you better. Giving up does not accomplish the goal of building a winner.

Giving In means capitulation, and tearing down is not building up. These are things you should think about while some of you are still growing up and gaining the experience you will need to succeed in life.

The History of this team is that ANYTHING can happen as long as you never give up!

Now I don’t expect you to believe they can get into the playoffs, nor am I telling you that you should. If you want to give up on the 2011 season that‘s fine… Turn off SNY and watch a movie instead.

But if you ARE a quitter then please don’t bother to tell me your GRAND PLAN for fixing this team.

The last thing in the world I would like to see the Mets do, is implement the plan of a QUITTER!

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