Mets Should Just Have Ike Davis Have The Surgery Already!

Ever since the unfortunate collision between David Wright and Ike Davis, the Mets have prolonged the injury of their young slugger throughout the year to the point where they are now jeopardizing his 2012 season! The Amazin’s are out of the race, October baseball is not in their future in 2011, so what is the purpose of giving him yet again another 3-4 weeks to decide whether surgery is necessary for Davis’ sprained ankle?

What was supposed to be only a minor injury has almost certainly put Davis out for season after being diagnosed with a sprained ankle, a bone bruise and even possible cartilage damage. Davis was given a 3-4 week time period in May after his diagnosis to shown improvement in his ankle, otherwise they would have the 24-year old first baseman have season-ending surgery. This 3-4 week period has been extended about 3 times and now here we are in August, and Davis still has not had the surgery.

This madness has gone on for so long that is he were to have the surgery today, it is questionable if he would be ready to go for Spring Training. The final deadline to decide on whether to give Davis the operation is supposedly set for Labor Day, but this should have been settled long ago.

This is yet again another example of the Mets doctors failing to properly diagnose/handle injured players, resulting in longer time for key Mets remaining on the shelf and not on the playing field. They are messing around with the future franchise player, and the Amazin’s simply cannot afford to do that!

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