Mets 2011 Legacy: Less Than Zero?

After another humiliating loss last night at the hands of the Philthies, I can’t help but wonder what exactly to make out of this season for the Mets.

The Debbie Downers who said all along that the Mets were not even a .500 team, are gloating right now. But it didn’t happen until we traded the top slugger in our lineup and the best reliever in our bullpen – so put a lid on it.

What was this season about?

Did we accomplish anything in 2011 that would instill confidence that there won’t be a repeat of this season in 2012?

Did we solve our second base problem or is it open tryouts again next season only with new faces?

Are we any closer to determing whether Josh Thole is or isn’t the cather of the present and future and do we still not have a “Plan B” at catcher?

Have we figured out who our top of the rotation pitchers are?

Is Angel Pagan the answer as the everyday centerfielder?

What did we accomplish – or better yet  – what have we learned from the 2011 season?

Does anyone else get the feeling that this season was even worse than a throwaway season?

I say that because usually when a front office tells fans that an upcoming season is a rebuilding one, everything you do that season is with an eye toward next year. We didn’t do that, and obviously there was no bolstering up for a wild card run either… I have no idea what we did… Or what we are…

What will the legacy of the 2011 season will be? Is anybody here really feeling the 2012 season right now?

I get the distinct feeling that aside from replacing a few name plates on a few doors in the executive offices wing at Citi Field, that we’re no different now than the team that ended the season in 2010.

We still have all the same questions… We still have all the same areas of concerns….

The only thing that could make this season any worse is losing Jose Reyes at the end of it. If that happens, you really have to grasp the reality that the 2011 season was less than zero.

* * * * * * *

By now you all must have heard about starting pitcher Jered Weaver granting a huge hometown discount to his team and signing a new five-year, $85-million contract extension with the Angels.

The 28-year-old right-hander, who was expected to become a free agent after 2012, is 14-6 with a major league-leading 2.10 ERA. Here’s a guy who values winning more than getting the highest paycheck. According to a report in the LA Times, when the Angels approached Weaver about a contract extension a few weeks ago, Weaver instructed Boras to get the deal done, even if that meant leaving at least $30 million on the table.

“How much more money do you need?” Weaver said, eliciting roars from a few hundred fans on hand at Angel Stadium for a news conference to officially announce the deal. “I’ve never played this game for money. I play it for love and for championships.”

Any chance of that happening with Jose Reyes this offseason or David Wright next offseason?

Bundle up… It’s gonna be a long Winter…

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