Is Jason Bay FINALLY Turning The Corner?

I know, this is probably the third time someone has written an article just like this when Jason Bay has begun to play decently, but in the past 10-15 games, Bay has looked very strong at the plate. Could this finally be the arrival of the 66 million dollar man that the Mets signed in January of 2010? I am still obviously skeptical, but I think it is possible Bay could finally be finding himself at the plate after nearly two years.

We have seen the 32-year old British Columbia native get hot on very rare occasions, and as I have aforementioned in a June post, it is almost always during Interleague Play. But now as of late, facing the like of the Braves, Nationals, and Reds, Bay is seeing the ball well. He is not just getting lucky on bloopers and dribblers, but Bay is also getting consistent extra base hits as well as walks.

Bay is currently riding a nine game hitting streak in which he is batting .457 with 4 doubles, 2 homers and eight RBIs over that stretch. The Mets leftfielder has also raised his average to .249 on the year, the highest it has been since July 3rd, the last day of Interleague Play. A very good sign out of Bay, and hopefully something that will translate into a return to his old form.

The reason I even entertain the thought is due to the fact that it is not during Interleague Play and this hot streak has not been a one time, 5-5 game like we have seen on rare occurrences in the past. This time around it is a stretched out span, getting on base via the walk, the base hit and the extra-base hit. He has hit the long fly balls, the liners and the grounders. It has not been a one dimensional hot streak, but an overall improvement that has spanned on the road and at home, facing good and bad pitching alike.

Whether this is just another streak, or the true Jason Bay that we have been waiting for, it is at the very least a much needed source of production for the time being, especially now that Daniel Murphy is likely lost for the year, and an encouraging sign for a former All-Star who has struggled so mightily in Flushing.

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