From Left Field: Mets Have Knack For Making No-Name Pitchers Look Great

So Steve Carlton picked up the win last night for the Philadelphia Phillies…

Actually, it was rookie Vance Worley, throwing a Carlton-like game, who picked up the win.

During their history, the Mets always seem to have a knack for losing to no-name pitchers.

Granted, Worley is on fire right now, but there’s no reason why this rookie, who was only supposed to tread water in the Phillies All-Star rotation, should have beaten the Mets three out of four times this season.

Of course, never facing a pitcher puts the hitters at a disadvantage. However, Major League hitters should be able to adjust to an unrefined kid just up from the minors.

But then there’s the Mets.

It seems that every time they face someone new, they falter. Jason Jennings, Brandon Webb and Tyler Clippard are the classic examples from the past 15 years, but there are tons of other pitchers who won their big league debut against the Mets.

It’s funny: The team had great success against Randy Johnson and Roger Clemens yet can’t beat Vance Worley.

The problem with Worley is that the Mets have now seen him four times, and for the majority of the time he’s made them look lost at the plate.

That should be the case against Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels, but definitely not against Worley. Great, now that Phillies have five aces.

Worley became only the second rookie pitcher since 1869 in which his team has won 12 straight games in which he has started.

I guess Worley is just another reason to hate the Phillies.

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