Collins Throws A Log Onto The Fire

Terry Collins joined the growing movement to shrink Citi Field last night in a show of frustration before last night’s heartbreaking loss.

“It’s very difficult to play here if you’re an offensive player. Especially if you’re a guy who’s supposed to be driving in runs. It’s a tough place to play. If there are some adjustments made, I think that would help. I think it would certainly help to get some of our guys to relax. I’m not denying it won’t. I think the park gets in the mind of hitters.”

“You can say you’re going to pitch, run and catch it, that’s great,” said Collins, “But you still have to score runs. There’s got to be a place for the power hitter. We have a tough time catching up because we can’t hit the ball out of the ballpark, especially here.”

Yep, Terry’s had enough. Join the crowd, buddy. You can read more here.