Chris Capuano: Could He Return in 2012?

Chris Capuano has had his share of ups and downs in 2011.  He struggled during the month of July, and has started to bounce back with his 2-hit performance against the Braves Friday night. With Capuano’s 1-year deal expiring at the end of the season, will he return in 2012?

Chris Capuano has definitely been a reward for the Mets.   No one expected Capuano to win 10 games this season.  Heck, no one knew what he would bring to the table.  The team was unsure if they would get anything out of him, since he was coming off some shoulder problems.  Regardless of what happened this year, the Mets have definitely got their money back from what Capuano has done this year.

As for resigning him for 2012, it would not be a surprise at all.

This year’s free agent market is not stacked with talent for both pitchers, and position players.  The only pitcher on the free agent market that could be a fit for the Mets would be Roy Oswalt, however it seems unlikely as the team will spend most of its resources going after Jose Reyes.  After Oswalt, there are a bunch of Type-B players.  The list includes Mark Buehrle, Jason Marquis, Dontrelle Willis, and so on. To view the list, you can read it from MLB Trade Rumors.

Do you think Chris Capuano is going to return in 2012? Is Capuano worth resigning? Would you release him to go after guys like Jason Marquis, or Dontrelle Willis?