Baseball America’s Mets Top 10 List Prior To 2011, Where Are They Now?

Below is Baseball America’s top 10 list prior to the 2011 season.  Where are these players now, and what have they done so far this season?

SP – Jenrry Mejia: Coming in Mejia was the best prospect in the Mets farm system. He pitched out of the bullpen in 2010, which in my opinion was a huge mistake. It happened because Manuel and Minaya were desperate to keep their jobs, and with little no bullpen help he pitched his way onto the roster for opening day. He struggled, and was sent down and eventually  lost due to the questionable back and forth decision making from the Minaya regime.
Started 2011: #1 Starter in AAA Currently: lost for the season after Tommy John Surgery

SS – Wilmer Flores: Once again the young prospect has struggled with his overall play. He has sown some flashes of his potential, but has not put together a season that proves is anywhere near major league ready at this point.  He also not proven that he is deserving of being ranked at the top of the Mets farm system, hence all of the mid-season lists having him dropped to the bottom of the top 10 now.
Started 2011: Single-A  Currently: Single-A

OF – Cesar Puello: Speedster outfielder who has all the tools to progress through the ranks at a quick pace. Like Flores, he has not put up big numbers in the low minors and because of that he has not progressed through the system at the pace team officials had hoped.  He has shown some pop this season which has surprised some, but the rest of his game needs more seasoning.
Started 2011: Single-A  Currently: Single-A

SP – Matt Harvey: Hes pitched like a potential top of the rotation starter that some project him to be. He dominated the low minors and forced his promotion to Double-A. After initially struggling at the next level, he has returned to dominance his last few starts. Harvey is showing more and more why he is the crown jewel of the system right now.
Started 2011: Single-A  Currently: Double-A

OF – Kirk Nieuwenhuis: Kirk was enjoying a fine season in Buffalo before falling to injury. He may have lost a huge opportunity to play every day on the major league roster with the recent trade of Beltran, and injury to Murphy that has moved Duda to first base.
Started 2011: Triple-A  Currently: out for season, shoulder surgery

2B – Reese Havens: Another injury riddled season by the second baseman. He has a world of potential, but can not stay on the the field. With the injuries to Murphy, he may have had a shot to be playing in Flushing to finish this season had he not been behind the eight ball already.  He is heating up lately, and could prompt a promotion to Triple-A before the year is out.
Started 2011: Double-A  Currently: Double-A

1B – Lucas Duda: Duda showed his power in the Triple-A, and as soon as a opportunity arose he got the call and produced. Last season he struggled out of the gate after he made his MLB debut. However, this season he started hitting with power and driving the ball in the gaps from the get go. He has the opportunity to show what he can do over the last two months with the injury to Murphy and the trade of Carlos Beltran.
Started 2011: Triple-A  Currently: MLB

OF – Fernando Martinez: What can you say? This guy has not played a full season in his pro career, and because of that he has not been able to show his full potential. Minaya was able to keep him out of the Johan Santana trade because of his 5 tool potential. However, since that time has has been on the shelf as much as he has been on the field.
Started 2011: Triple-A  Currently: Triple-A

3B – Aderlin Rodriguez: Terrible defense and a low batting average or lots of home runs and power potential? Aderlin has been sort of an an enigma is his brief pro career. He has been the typical all or nothing player. He bats in the low .200’s, but has the greatest power potential in the system. If he can not sure up his defense and find a way to get on base more, that power potential is going to go to waste.
Started 2011: Low-A Currenlty: Low -A

SP – Brad Holt: Lost his starting job because he could not find the strike zone. He was great in his first few starts, but then came the wildness. He totally lost command of the strike zone and never found it again. He was relegated to the bullpen where he has been much better. It doesn’t look like this former first round pick will ever be more than a reliever at this point.
Started 2011: Double-A  Currently: Double-A

I think its safe to say that this list is drastically different then what we currently see as the top 10 right now.  Many players on this list have really under-performed, and a lot of them have been hit by injuries.  It is really crazy how much a list of this magnitude can change over a couple months.  It is going to be very interesting what this list is going to look like going into next season.

Any thoughts on this?

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