Alderson Won’t Make Decisions Based On Media and Fan Frenzy

Dan Martin of the New York Post, is reporting that GM Sandy Alderson will consider Jose Reyes’ health, injury and future playing time during their negotiations after the season. Well, I would certainly hope so. That’s kind of the guy’s job, don’t ya think?

In the same article he quotes Alderson and Wright who weighed in on sticking to the plan and not veering off course because of what the fans or the media think.

“We want to improve the team, but that’s separate from creating buzz…To some extent, they go hand-in-hand. We’ll look at free agents, but we’re not going into it feeling like we have to do something big just for the sake of it…The positive perception of this team that was created the first four months of the season, which was important, can be lost.” ~ Sandy Alderson

“The front office has proven it’s going to stick with what they’re doing whether it’s a popular move or not,” Wright said. “That’s what you want out of the leaders of your organization: the ability to make decisions not necessarily based on what other people want them to do, but based on what they believe in. And I think that’s what we have now.” ~ David Wright

Does this mean Mike Puma and Andy Martino don’t get to decide what the Mets should do this offseason? Heck, I’m all for it, sign me up. Seriously though, this is exactly what led Omar Minaya to sail off the map of the world. If only he had stuck to the original plan he outlined during his introductory press conference after he was hired. It was good plan, but 20 months later it was clear he was heading in another direction, and that led to disastrous results.

* * * * *

One more item. Today seems to be one of those days where most of the Mets news is shockingly obvious – at least to me it is. I came across a link on Mets Blog entitled, Was Chris Capuano’s performance on Friday night a fluke? It links back to the Why Guys., and I’d like to venture an answer if I may.

Yes. I’m quite certain it was. Capuano has never done a Tom Seaver impersonation before in his career which includes 175 starts with a 4.36 ERA and 1.35 WHIP. As Joe D. said yesterday in this post, he simply pitched the game of his life.

When it comes time to make a decision on whether to hand Capuano $5 million dollars for next season, I’m pretty sure Sandy Alderson will consider his entire body of work which is very pedestrian, and not sign him based on his phenomenal, but fluky start. Pitchers don’t just suddenly go from Jeff D’Amico (Got the name from BR’s Similarity Score for Capuano) to Steve Carlton at age 33.