After Trimming Some Fat Off The Payroll, What’s Left For Alderson To Play With?

When the first pitch was thrown on opening day of the 2011 season, the Mets payroll sat at $142 Million.  Due to that number Alderson was not able to do much this past off season.  That is all going to change with all of the contracts expiring at the end of this season. With the recent trade of Francisico Rodriguez, Sandy Alderson has assured himself the ability to make a substantial offer to Reyes among other things.

Did we all forget that the contracts of Perez and Castillo are still on the books?  Just because they are no longer here, does not mean that there money just disappeared.  We paid those two players $18 million this season to just go away.  Other notable contracts that will expire are Reyes, Beltran and the now traded Frankie Rodriguez. We all know that the payroll with probably drop this off season, but we are just not sure how much. The recent developments of Irving Picard’s lawsuit being scaled back from $1 billion to somewhere around $300 million or so, and the influx of about $200 million from Einhorn, leads me to believe it may not be as much as we once thought.

There is no question that Sandy will have some serious money to play with this off season, even if the payroll has to drop into the $120 million dollar range. Here is a little closer look at exactly how much money is coming off at the seasons end.

1. Carlos Beltran: $20 Million

2. Francisco Rodriguez: $12 Million

3. Oliver Perez: $12 Million

4. Jose Reyes: $11 Million

5. Luis Castillo: $6 Million

Mets Current Budget: 142 Million. Mets budget when these major contracts expire: $80 Million

There are also some other contracts such as Chris Young, Chris Capuano and Scott Hairston that may drop that number closer to the $75 Million dollar range. The point is, the trade of Krod assures the Mets that they will have major money to play with next season.  I also understand that this projection does not factor in potential raises in arbitration to guys like Parnell, Pagan and Pelfrey.

Even if you were to sign Reyes to a contract worth $15-18 Million a year, the total team salary would still be under $100 million before you begin to do anything else. With the way the team is playing, they are starting to bring fans to the stadium, which brings in more revenue. The recent developments of Irving Picard’s lawsuit being scaled back from $1 billion to somewhere around $300 million or so. The influx of the $200 Million for Einhorn also gave some stability to the franchise.  All of these factors will contribute to next years payroll, leads me to believe it may not drop as much as we once thought.

All I know is, once the season ends, and before any players are signed or re-signed, Sandy will have a lot of options open to him. With roughly $60 million coming off the payroll, I can’t wait to see what he does this off season!  Any thoughts?

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