3 Up & 3 Down – Mets vs. Braves Series Preview Edition

The New York Mets open up a huge weekend series with the Braves on Friday. I think anything less than a series win, will be disastrous for the guys in blue & orange. Winning two would be great, winning three would be awesome. So today, we have a special edition of 3 & 3, since we never do an entry before the start of a series. Also, each “Up” will also be listed as a “Down”.

3 Up

1) A Meaningful August Series: Even the most optimistic of Met fans would have had a hard time believing the Mets would be involved in a meaningful series the first weekend in August. I think most of the so called experts would have figured the Mets to be last place right about now, 20 games back. But in spite of serious injuries to David Wright and Ike Davis, the Mets find themselves only eight games back in the wild card race. Sure eight games is a lot of ground to cover in a short period of time, but the Mets need to focus on winning one game at a time. This weekend is a chance to make more believers out there.

2) Great Pitching: For a generation the Braves have been known for their quality pitching. Forever the Mets have been known as a pitching ball club. This weekend we should be treated to some well pitched games. Tim Hudson goes against R.A. Dickey on Friday, Hanson and my personal favorite, Jon Niese, match up on Saturday, and on Sunday Jair Jurrjens goes against Dillon Gee. With Niese & Gee going on Saturday and Sunday, I have a real good feeling for this series.

3) Third Basemen: Chipper Jones has returned from the DL just in time. David Wright has returned from the DL just in time. A matchup of two of the best third basemen in the game. Chipper Jones is a sure fire first round Hall of Fame player. David Wright is the face, heart & soul of the Mets. This is a match up I’ll enjoy watching.

3 Down

1) A Meaningful August Series: Entering this series the Mets find themselves eight games behind the Wild Card leading Braves. Sadly while the Mets were playing their best baseball of the season during inter-league play, they were unable to pick up any ground on both the Phillies and Braves. Even if the Mets do sweep this series, there are still teams such as the D’Backs in front of them the Mets will need to overtake. They’ll get one chance when they see Arizona on their next road trip.

2) Great Pitching: With Dickey, Niese and Gee the Mets have three pitchers going all with ERA’s under 4.00. With Hudson, Hanson and Jurrjens the Braves have three guys going all with ERA’s under 3.50. All three Braves pitchers have double digit wins, while only Niese and Gee have double digits for the Mets. Hey, like Ringo Starr says “it don’t come easy.” One at bat at a time, one inning, one game at a time.

3) Third Basemen: Chipper Jones is a Met killer, no doubt. While we love David Wright here at 3&3, we can by no means call him a Braves killer. Can the Mets hold Chipper in check? Will David deliver in the clutch? Stay tuned…..
Big, big weekend series coming up, we’ll see you on the flip side with a 3&3 on the series. Until then: LETS GO METS!! LETS GO METS!!! LETS GO METS!!!