Video: Jason Bay On His Hot Streak

In the following ESPN video, Jason Bay discusses his two homeruns last night and his recent improvement at the plate.

“You struggle and you struggle, and sometimes you doubt yourself,” Bay said. “Then you have games like tonight and you remember you’re still the same guy. You are that guy. Sometimes I think you lose sight of that through an extended struggle. Like I’ve told you guys all along, I feel like I’m that same guy. It’s just trying to be him, trying to just get out there and just do the things that I’m doing. I’m not trying to do any more. … I just want to be me. And I feel like I’m getting there.”

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During the entire months of April, May and early June, Jason Bay was severely struggling offensively.  He was not hitting in key spots, and didn’t come through when he needed to.  At the same time, we’ve all had a mild hatred for Jason Bay.  We said things like “we overpaid on Bay”, “Bay is washed up”, “Bay sucks”, you name it.  

But after the whole fiasco over the benching, Jason Bay has now shown us that he can bounce back, and bounce back with a vengeance. 

Over his last 18 games since that benching, Bay has produced a .347 average, four home runs, eight multi-hit games and 17 RBI over that span.   

This recent performance is by far Bay’s most productive stretch since joining the Mets, and some are even considering if the timing is right for a return to the cleanup spot in the batting order..

I am starting to regain confidence in Jason Bay.  I have been very impressed with how he has been hitting offensively, and i am liking what I’m seeing from Bay.  I hope he continues to swing a hot stick.