Should Teams Be Required To Raise Height of Railings At Ballparks?

For many fans. one item that they always bring to the ballpark is their baseball gloves. We all know why they bring them – it’s so they can catch a ball that has either been hit or touched by a player.  This has been part of baseball tradition for a long time.  But as of late, this tradition is now under some scrutiny by many in the media because of the tragedy that struck during a Texas Rangers home game. 

Just recently, Shannon Stone died in Arlington, Texas after falling 20 feet onto a concrete slab.  He was attempting to catch a ball tossed into the stands by Josh Hamilton for his son.  

Last night at the Home Run Derby in Arizona, Keith Carmickle reached over the railing for a ball hit by Prince Fielder and was about to fall 20 feet onto the concrete below him head first.  Fortunately, with the help of his brother and his friend grabbing and pulling him back up, he avoided a very similar fate to Stone.  

With the recent outbreak of falls (whether they happened or were close) at the ballparks, should teams be required to raise the heights of all railings at the ballpark?  

If teams want to send the right message – that fan safety is a top priority, than they should raise the railings. These recent events could be a call to action that will lead to a safer ballpark experience for all fans who must never again risk a fate similar to that of Shannon Stone.

What are your thoughts on this?