Reyes Talks About His New Video; Francesa Says He’d Stay For $120MM

In this video, Latino interviews Terry Collins, Pedro Beato, Ruben Tejada, and Jose Reyes regarding Reyes and his new music video ‘No Hay Amigo’. 

The clip also provides the actual music video in it as well.  It’s a great song.

Meanwhile, Mike Francesa of WFAN, had this to say on Reyes and what it would take to keep him on the Mets.

“Someone who knows the [Jose Reyes] group well said to me, ‘If the Mets offered him 6 years, $120 million. I think he’d take it.’ If that’s the case, the Mets might be able to do that deal. That might be something they might be able to do. And they said to me, ‘I really believe Reyes and his connections want to stay in NY. As long as they get a reasonable contract.’ I said, ‘What’s reasonable?’ They said, ‘How about 6 years/120.’”

What do you think about that – is 6/$120 fair for both sides?