Phillies Are Hot On Carlos Beltran

According to Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports, the Mets have provided Carlos Beltran a short list of teams for him to consider being traded to and the Phillies are one of those teams believed to be on that list.

A mediocre offensive team, the Phillies are seeking to upgrade with an outfielder and middle-of-the-lineup bat, preferably right-handed. Beltran, batting .287 and ninth in the National League with 59 RBIs, is a switch-hitter. He is in the final year of a contract that pays him $18.5 million this season. Because he has no-trade protection, Beltran would have to approve the deal.

Passan adds that the Mets have indicated they will pay much – or all – of the contract, depending on what they receive in return. The Boston Red Sox, San Francisco Giants and New York Yankees are also thought to have interest in Beltran. It is possible Beltran would prefer to remain close to his home in New York for at least this season, making Boston, Philadelphia and the Yankees more desirable destinations.

Yesterday, Fox Sports Ken Rosenthal, reported that the Phillies and Red Sox are the most aggressive bidders for Carlos Beltran.  The Mets are asking for a top prospect in return for the outfielder, according to Buster Olney of ESPN.

The Phillies were at Citi Field last night scouting Scott Hairston, Tim Bydrak, and Beltran says Adam Rubin of ESPN New York.

Would trading Carlos Beltran to the Phillies bother you? Do you think it’s okay to help a division rival win a World Series? Or is getting the best deal your only concern?