Morning Grind: Should Dickey, Izzy and Paulino Be Off Limits At Trade Deadline?

According to ESPN, the Mets have received no shortage of inquiries from other teams regarding catcher Ronny Paulino, but the Mets are opting to hang onto him for the rest of this season. Really?

Team sources also confirmed that they won’t trade Jason Isringhausen either because they have chosen to keep him as a mentor to Bobby Parnell and Pedro Beato. You’re kidding me right?

Last week they told teams R.A. Dickey was off limits too…

As much as I wanted the Mets to be buyers rather than sellers, the choice has already been made as evidenced by the front office trading closer Frankie Rodriguez, and by the end of this week, Carlos Beltran their best slugger, will be gone as well. Do you believe in comebacks? Answer: no, they don’t.

So now that they’ve squashed our chances and stomped on any hopes we had to secure a wild card, what’s this nonsense about hanging on to players like Paulino, Dickey and Izzy?

There was nothing I wanted more than to see the Mets go after the young and very available Hunter Pence at the deadline to replace Angel Pagan and bolster our lineup for a run as our pitchers continue to keep us in games.

But now that we’ve tossed in the towel and are in full “can’t wait for this season to end” mode, you’re going to gut our team of star caliber players, but hang onto the likes of Izzy and Dickey?

At their age how do they figure into a rebuilding process, please tell me?

If you’re gonna dismantle the team anyway, why not get what you can for these older players and let us watch the kids and see what they can do. At least it will make watching the games more interesting.

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