MetsBlog’s Michael Baron On K-Rod Trade, Closer Options, Upcoming Homestand and More…

Earlier today I had the pleasure of being joined by blogger, Michael Baron on my radio show “Mets Talk Live! Wright or Wrong?!? and he has a lot to say on the K-Rod trade as well as the Mets going forward in 2011 and beyond.

Here is what Michael had to say on Sandy Alderson’s conference call earlier today regarding the K-Rod trade:

JS: Hey Michael, I saw the news break last night on the K-Rod trade via twitter, I doubled take and had to look it up. I didn’t really see anything but sure enough within minutes it was confirmed the closer had been dealt to the Brewers. What’s been the feeling around the Mets concerning the trade?

MB: Just in talking about the conference call, Sandy Alderson said that the option vesting was just one of many the factors in trading K-rod, I have to believe it was a larger factor than he made it out to be. He’s doing the right thing by not making a big deal of that option, I’ve been saying it all along, and as you mentioned it on your show, it wouldn’t have mattered whether they were ten games up or ten behind, from a financial standpoint this was the absolute right move to make in my opinion.

Also, here’s what Michael had to say on replacing Rodriguez:

JS: As far as replacements go for K-Rod is Bobby Parnell the first man up?

TB: He’s certainly the strongest candidate on paper, I don’t necessarily believe they are going to stick with Parnell whether they win or lose. If he doesn’t perform I think they will look for someone to fill those shoes. Okay, he throws 100 MPH but he has had his share of command problems. He’s thrown great of late, but he has to be a shut down pitcher in the 9th inning, if he can’t prove he can do that than Terry Collins probably won’t stick with him. They have Jason Isringhausen, but he’s struggled over the past month or so, and it still remains to be seen whether he’s going to remain a Met in three weeks. I think there’s still a lot we don’t know, but we’ll have a better idea when Terry Collins and Pitching Coach Dan Warthen speak at their press conference tomorrow before team work outs at Citi Field.

Hear what else Michael had to say about the Mets moving forward in 2011 and beyond. Topics include, Michael’s grading of the Mets to this point in the season, Carlos Beltran’s future as a Met, the Mets seven game home stand following the All-Star break, and Jose Reyes’ impending free agency.

If you’d like to listen to this and everything else Michael had to say concerning the Mets here’s the link:

Mets Talk Live! Wright or Wrong?!?