Mets Still Want The Moon For Beltran

Jerry Crasnick of, says he has seen no sign the Mets are dropping their asking price for Carlos Beltran.

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I thought they would get real and try to get something done before more teams become disinterested. But, so much for that theory…

Original Post 7/25 12:30 PM

Last week in a post I wrote entitled, “Stop The Insanity! Domonic Brown For Beltran Is Pure Fantasy”, I made the following points:

Who in their right mind would actually believe that the Philadelphia Phillies would give up their number one prospect and 4th best prospect in baseball, Domonic Brown, in exchange for a two month rental with bad knees? Why in the world would Philadelphia even consider such a preposterous idea???

One thing is true and it has been even before the season started…

Beltran will get traded, and you can take that to the bank. But if you think you’re getting any player featured among Baseball America Top 5 Prospects or Top 50 Prospects, I got a bridge to sell you in Citi Field.

A week later, and it seems that all those 8-10 teams that were clamoring for the chance to add Beltran for their post season run, has now dwindled down to possibly 2-3 teams in the NL.

As I expected, the Phillies scoffed at the Mets demands and have now focused their attention on Justin Upton who is not only younger, but also under team control for another year beyond this one.

The San Francisco Giants have also gone lukewarm on Beltran and have shifted their attention elsewhere as well.

So much for all that pie in the sky…

Last night, I tweeted the following:

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In May we would have taken pure salary relief for Carlos Beltran, but now not only are the Mets asking for the moon, but they are willing to include $6 million dollars into the deal as well to make it happen.

Ever since names like Zach Wheeler, Gary Brown and Domonic Brown were being bandied about, I was surprised at how many were actually buying into that notion.

Today, the same person who threw a couple of those names into the foray over a week ago (I’m talking about Buster Olney), now says nobody is willing to part with anything more than a “B Grade Prospect”.

Oh really? I never believed it would be anything, but that anyway.

Reality, can be a real kick in the ass sometimes.

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