Mets Still Exceeding Expectations

It appears that the Mets seem to be done wheeling and dealing their major players for the 2011 season. With the trades of Carlos Beltran and Francisco Rodriguez, I think it is safe to say that Jose Reyes will remain a Met for the remainder of the 2011 season.

Given the Mets’ financial situation and the team still in shouting distance of the Wild Card, it only makes sense to hang onto one of the best players in the league for the 2011 season to see if the team could make a decent run for the post season.

Going into the 2011 season, many people said the Mets would be lucky to win 70 games this season. Many thought Beltran and Rodriguez would be dealt by Memorial Day, and Reyes by the trade deadline. After a slow start, Reyes has emerged into one of the Majors’ best hitters. Beltran was the iron man on the Mets prior to his trade playing the most games of any Met this season and putting together a fine season offensively and defensively. Krod came back into fine form this season prior to his trade to the Brewers shaking off his off field woes of 2010.

Mets’ manager Terry Collins has done an outstanding job of keeping his players focused on the games and off the front office turmoil and constant trade rumors. All in all, this has become a fun team to watch. Everyone seems to be doing their parts in contributing to the Mets’ surprising run so far.

In the past and present we have seen teams implode with front office turmoil. The most recent being the Dodgers of 2011. Going into this season, the Mets and Dodgers’ situations and rosters were very comparable. What a difference a manager makes as Terry Collins seems to have learned from his past mistakes.

If the Mets finish with a winning season, it has to be considered a plus regardless of where they finish in the standings. The trades of Beltran and Rodriguez were the correct moves.

Going into the season, it seemed both would be impossible to move given K-Rods option and Beltran’s injury history the past 2 seasons. I think they could have played a little harder to get with Beltran. He would have definitely cleared waivers and could have helped the Mets inch a little closer with their upcoming series with the Braves. But I have faith in Lucas Duda and the rest of the 2011 Mets.

I am also happy the Mets got a top prospect for Beltran. I think the hard part of the rumors away from the field are done with for the season. Now upper management and the sportswriters could finally get behind Terry Collins and the 2011 Mets and follow them on what has been an enjoyable ride so far, and should continue to be towards season’s end.

Lets Go Mets!