Mets Shot Down Aybar For Reyes Offer? When? Where? What?

I just read a new post on MetsBlog which jumped out at me this morning. In a post entitled, “The Mets shot down trading Jose Reyes for Erick Aybar‘, Matt Cerrone writes:

The Angels offered to send SS Erick Aybar to the Mets for Jose Reyes, while taking on all of Jose’s remaining  salary, but Sandy Alderson would not bite, according to Scott Miller of CBS Sportsline.

That was based on this quote in an article by Scott Miller of CBS Sportsline.

While the Angels are looking for a third baseman, they would send shortstop Erick Aybar to the Mets for Jose Reyes straight up and take the rest of Reyes’ $9 million 2011 salary if New York would bite (the Mets won’t, they’re keeping Reyes).

Correct me if I’m wrong, but what Miller wrote does not suggest to me that the Angels offered Aybar to the Mets straight up for Reyes, and were subsequently shot down.

It merely speculates that the Angels are so motivated to make a trade, that they WOULD send Aybar to the Mets for Reyes, not that they DID.

And where was the mention of Sandy Alderson?

Oh and by they way, Reyes isn’t owed $9 million dollars for the rest of the season, he’s owed $4 million.

Come on people – lets t together…

How many times have I told you in the last two weeks that these fantastical rumors are 99% bullshit and 1% specualtion?

I’ve been complaining about this for weeks now, and I’ll repeat it – “the line between speculation and fact has become a nothing but a big giant blur.”

There is no accuracy, no fact checking, no verifying with a second souce, and zero accountability!

Basically there is nothing to discern real sports journalism from the stuff that’s being spewed out these days which I refer to simply as word vomit.

It’s all about sensationalism and ramping up site traffic.

Don’t bother to check facts, just get it up on the site as fast as you can, readers will eat it up…

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