Mets Push K-Rod Trade To Yankees

From the latest news on K-Rod according to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, ¬†apparently Sandy Alderson has put out more then a feeler for K-Rod, and the Yankees response wasn’t a rejection, but rather a “call us closer to the deadline” move. While they would be willing to pick up the salary of K-Rod, the Yankees would be expecting to get K-Rod for pennies on the dollar as a classic salary dump.

While this was to be expected in regards to what K-Rod would grant in return, the Mets may feel that Parnell/Beato could be ready to take over the ninth inning and the ability to clear out K-Rod’s option gives them much more freedom in the offseason to retool or keep players.

The largest reason for the trade isn’t K-Rod’s declining velocity or effectiveness, but more Sandy Alderson’s wish to drop the payroll roughly 20 million dollars. While this isn’t going from big-market to small-market, it is aimed at being more efficient with spending and limiting expensive contracts in hopes of being able to make a big splash when it presents itself.

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