Mets Must Take The Best Offer For Beltran, Even If It’s The Phillies

If the Braves or Phillies come calling then Alderson should jump all over it.  The Braves are said to be in the market for a right handed bat and the Phillies have scuffled on offense for most of the season, both could use the offensive help.  Well what about the potential repercussions of dealing him to a division rival some people will ask.  If either one of them have the best offer, at this point what could be better!

Sandy has been very clear that he wants a top prospect in return for his all star right fielder, so if they are calling then they must be willing to part with something good.If the Braves or Phillies are the one to win out on the Beltran sweepstakes, then that means that they had to beat out the other interested parties such as the Red Sox and Giants among others.  Alderson and the Mets believe that Carlos is the best offensive player on the trade market this summer, and looking around at who is available, I would have to agree with that assessment. With Beltran in such high demand, teams will begin bidding against each other for his services.

Trading Carlos to a division rival might hurt a little in short term, as we may have to watch them get into the playoffs and potentially do well.  But, chances are at seasons end, he will move on and find a new home since it is unlikely that the Braves or the Phillies will take a chance on his balky knees and give him the money he will likely command.

If that’s the case, then trading Beltran within the division is a win win for the Mets. They will acquire some top talent that will hurt the the Braves or Phillies in the future, which is when we plan on being good anyway.  It will also help strengthen our very top heavy, and mediocre farm system and help us build for the future.

Alderson is not worried about trading within the division.  He is concerned with making the team a contender sometime in the near future.  We all know that it is most likely not in the cards for this season, so his main focus is on the future.

With every game Carlos plays, he just keeps getting better.  The hits and home runs keep coming, and with that he continues to up his value.  It’s going to be really exciting to see where he gets dealt over the next week and a half.  But what’s more exciting is what we are going to get in return.

C’mon Sandy, make it good, we have been waiting a long time for this kind of trade piece!

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