Mets May Be BIG Players In August

The next two weeks may very well decide a small part of the future of the Mets. Will the Mets hold on to their pieces? Or will Sandy Alderson and Co. trade away various pieces like Beltran, K-Rod, Capuano, Izzy, Byrdak, or Pelfrey?

Remember, just because Alderson doesn’t deal certain guys by July 31st, it doesn’t mean they are necessarily staying.

High priced players like Carlos Beltran will more than likely clear waivers in most situations because of the amount of money still owed to them. The Mets can agree to a waiver deal with a team that wants Beltran for a player to be named later. This PTBNL can be any prospect the teams agree upon. The only stipulation is the prospect can not be named nor placed in your organization until after the season ends. (See Billy Wagner for Chris Carter trade).

If the Mets brass doesn’t feel it’s in their best interest to sell come July 31st, they may simply hold onto their players into August to buy some time. Take Francisco Rodriguez for example. If the team cannot give him away at the deadline, like their trying to do, we may see him placed on waivers and probably selected by one or two other franchises. If he’s not selected we are free to deal him to any team we want.

I’m starting to think the Mets’ best chip may actually be Chris Capuano. This season, he has stayed healthy against all surgical odds. Unlike Chris Young, Capuano has proven to be durable and he can be a nice backend force on a contending teams rotation. A team such as the Yankees, may very well be interested in swapping Capuano and Byrdak for a few prospects. The Yankees do need rotation stability and lefty help in their bullpen.

Either way I see the Mets being heavily involved in waiver deals come August.

If the team falls farther out of the race and is sinking fast, the Wilpons will want to save money. I still think the smartest move is dealing as much as you can, for as much as you can get by July 31. However August could see some action that nets us some talent.

No matter how you look at it, the next month and a half will be very interesting.