Mets Bats Drown In The Rain Against Marlins, Lose 4-1

Game Summary

Chris Capuano is becoming a no-luck winner. Another good start but no back up from the offense. Cap only gave up three runs on five hits entering the eighth inning then started to fall apart and had to be pulled. Bullpen held up and bats were non existent. Mets lose 4-1.

Game Notes

Chris Capuano had another nice start but has had a case of the Santanas as he had no help from the offense. With 7.2 innings pitched and four runs given up on seven hits, two walks, and five strikeouts. Capuano should be close to 15 wins this season instead of close to double digit loses. Capuano who always finishes his outing around the 100 pitch mark and continues that tonight with 98. Capuano also continues to bounce around that 4+ ERA as it ends on 4.16 tonight. Poor Cappy.

Beato and Iggy team up for 1.1 hitless innings with a K from Iggy. Nice to see the bullpen holding up for once.

Clay Hensley has not started in three years and still capable of one-hitting the Mets in five innings.With only three hits from two players, one being from Evans who replaced Hairston, and two from Harris, who is likely to have to beg for at-bats with Reyes and Wright coming back soon. Bay had the only RBI with a sac fly in the ninth. Nothing to see from the offense tonight, just seven wiffs and only one hit that got extra bases with a double from Harris.

Hairston, the current unsung hero for the Mets offense, left the game in the third inning due to a bruised left shin.

David Wright went 3-for-6 with three base knocks for the St. Lucie Mets tonight. He was supposed to be restricted to just seven innings of baseball, but went all nine innings. This is great news as Reyes will be back tomorrow as well.

Game Ball

Capuano, who pitched well with a bad fourth and a rough start to the eighth.

Next Up

Two, eight win pitchers with 3+ ERAs match up with Gee and Kyle Lohse starting the Cardinals series. Game time is 7:10 PM.