Mets At Trade Deadline: Selling Is Still Inevitable

Today the Mets made top headlines regarding reports surfacing across the internet. The first, Jose Reyes is out 3 weeks with a hamstring injury. The second, Mets are fielding calls on Carlos Beltran. Last but not least, the Mets are supposedly entering into “secret talks” with Jose Reyes team of agents – that however was later shot down by Reyes’ agents.

Some of you may remember the article I wrote earlier in the season where I predicted the Mets would move Carlos Beltran, Francisco Rodriguez, and others. All the while I predicted Reyes would NOT be traded at the deadline. That now is certain because of this injury, but he would have not been traded at the deadline anyway.

It’s now becoming clear Sandy Alderson is doing one of two things.

A. Truly interested in re-signing Reyes. (This is what he should be doing. It’s obvious Reyes is the best player on this team right now.)

B. Alderson is just gauging interest to see what it may take to bring him back. In this scenario, Alderson can better prepare for his offseason plan now by seeing the range of $$$$ Reyes agents are dreaming about. (We can all thank god Reyes didn’t switch to Boras.)

Forget Reyes for a minute and let’s switch back to our inevitable mini fire sale.

I expect Alderson will attempt to trade Beltran, Rodriguez, Capuano, Isringhausen, and Byrdak. Hell, he may even shock us and deal Pelfrey. I wouldn’t shed a tear. We could move all the guys above and I’d be praising Mr. Alderson for whatever he gets in return.

The Mets have proved one thing this year – They are not the same Mets, but they’re really similar. Extremely injury prone and Streaky (Mets biggest downfall every year in recent memory).

However they’ve shown bright spots in an otherwise mediocre season. Dillon Gee, Pedro Beato and Justin Turner are just a few. These guys could very likely be on many future 25-man rosters. Alderson will craft the team in the fashion he sees fit. If that includes Reyes, amazing. That’s what I’ve been predicting (and praying) would happen all along. If it does not, then it’s obvious he wasn’t interested in coughing up 100+ million for a player that relies so much on his legs. This of course is due to his history of leg injuries. That may very well happen. It wouldn’t shock me at all if Alderson saw Reyes price skyrocket, then decided his money might be better spent in other various areas.

Regardless, selling is inevitable. Let’s hope we get some nice presents for Baseball Christmas (July 31st).