Latest Reactions and Updates On K-Rod Trade

Latest Updates & Reactions on K-Rod Trade:

Buster Olney – There is reportedly a list of five minor leaguers that the Mets will choose from. None of them considered top prospects.

Mike Diaz – Round 1: Sandy Alderson vs. Scott Boras goes to Alderson. Boras got punched in the gut & took a right to the chin.

Francisco Rodriguez – “I want to thank all the Mets fans for their great support during these two and a half years.” (In Spanish)

Buster Olney – Milwaukee was willing to take on more money than any other team, so the decision was simple for the Mets.

Eric Simon  – How the PTBNL works:

  • The trade must be completed within six months of the rest of the transaction.
  • Vast majority of PTBNLs are minor leaguers, by rule bo Brewers major leaguers can be included in deal.
  • They can’t be 2011 draft picks because they can’t be traded until at least a year has elapsed since they sign their contract.

Joel Sherman – Exec on K-Rod trade: “Mets did not get good prospects because Brewers don’t have any good prospects left. This was a money deal.

Andy McCullough – This isn’t the official white flag, of course. That would be Beltran. And the Mets bullpen still contains a guy with a 2.66 xFIP in 24.2 IP.

Note: Just checked, and no word yet on who will replace K-Rod on 25-man roster.

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The Mets have traded closer Francisco Rodriguez PLUS CASH to the Milwaukee Brewers for two players to be named later (PTBNL).

Alderson released this statement:

“We thank Frankie for his contributions to the Mets and wish him well with the Brewers,” Mets GM Sandy Alderson said in a statement. “This trade allows us to develop and more fully utilize other members of our 2011 bullpen and offers some payroll relief as well.”

Rodriguez, 29, is 2-2 with a 3.16 ERA and 23 saves this season with the Mets. He is in his 10th Major League season, posting a 32-27 record with a 2.54 ERA and 291 saves in 573 relief appearances with Los Angeles of Anaheim (2002-08) and New York (2009-11).

The four-time All-Star (2004, 2007-09) set the single-season save record with 62 in 2008 with the Angels.

Although none of the specifics of the deal are clear at the moment in regards to exactly how much cash or who the players are, the consensus thought seems to be K-Rod was expendable, and getting someone to take him was more important now while his option still has room to not vest.

K-Rod had an up and down career for the Mets, having a solid first season but with some key blown saves, a shortened second season due to the domestic violence and injuring his hand. K-Rod’s 2011 season was going fairly well, but he was being hit harder and walking more batters.

The biggest point that has been mentioned ad-nauseum was K-Rod and his possible vesting option. They have freed up 17.5 million from next years budget, and considering Sandy Anderson seems to be content on cutting the Mets payroll down to around 120 million, and resigning Reyes if Alderson pursues it will not be cheap.

More news when it becomes clearer.

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