K-Rod Is Our Albatross And Nobody Else’s

It seems like every week a different journalist keeps saying the same thing  – this time it’s Buster Olney who says:

A handful of GMs feel that a Francisco Rodriguez trade is all but impossible because of his vesting option.

Sandy Alderson skirted the issue while a guest in the booth during the Mets/Dodgers telecast on Thursday night, but couldn’t help but admit that he has been surprised by how Terry Collins has used K-Rod so far this season.

Last night, Francisco Rodriguez notched his 23d save and in doing so now has 34 games finished this season. He is now just 21 games finished away from his $17.5 million vesting option for 2012 kicks in.

At this current rate, K-Rod will hit the 55 games finished mark sometime around late August. Why would any team contending or otherwise want to tangle with that ticking time bomb?

The cold, hard reality of the situation is that K-Rod is ours, and unless the Mets are willing to agree to throw in $10 million dollars in any deal to cover that vesting option, no team will touch K-Rod.

As a matter of fact, Jon Heyman of SI.com, quoted another GM who called K-Rod and his vesting option “scary”.

K-Rod said he wouldn’t veto a trade to be a setup man for a contender, but also added “as long as they give him an extension”.

Face it Mets fans, K-Rod is our albatross and nobody else’s.

Is there a way out of this potential quagmire? There certainly is…

The Mets could offer K-Rod a thee year, $30 million dollar extension to supplant the $17 million dollar one year contract he has coming to him.

That’s the going rate for a closer today and it gives K-Rod the added security of an additional $13 million on top of the $17 million he has coming to him.

What’s the benefit to the Mets?

Easy… Alderson gets a $10 million dollar closer in 2012 and picks up an additional $7 million dollars in payroll flexibility.

Plus… Now the Mets have an easy to move contract if they still wanted to move him by next years trade deadline.

Everybody wins.

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