Is Alderson Adding Pitching Depth For A Reason?

Recently Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson has made some minor league signings that made me wonder.  I know our starting pitching depth is lacking, but is that the only reason he has added these players on?  There have been players available all season, but he has not made any signings, even when we got hit with injury after injury.  Why is he adding players now all of a sudden with the season more than half over?

In the past two weeks he has signed Miguel Batista and Gustavo Chacin to minor league contracts.  Both were once good pitchers, and could serve as potential starters or even help in relief should some players be dealt.

With the trade deadline looming a few weeks away, the last singing of Chacin just had me wondering.  Is he making these signings because they have become available, or is this part of his plan.  Is he planning on dealing some of our starting pitching at the trade deadline, such as Mike Pelfrey, Chris Capuano?  I also believe that the veteran relievers we have in the pen, Byrdak, Izzy and possibly D.J. Carrasco are as good as gone.

While it makes sense to add starters as the season goes along, why wait so long?  I just feel like he added these guys for a reason. To me he added these guys, and may add more as protection for what he’s about to do int he coming weeks.  We should expect a trading frenzy at the deadline, and the guys he has picked up along the way will fill in as their replacements when they are gone.

Anyone else agree with me on this?