Fun With Mets Milestones

With so many impressive athletes now playing baseball and many other sports, we sometimes forget how important little achievements are… like say, 300 saves or 300 HRs. Those are incredible numbers and very respectable in my opinion, so this is a short bit on some important numbers coming and something for you to take notice of for the rest of the season and the beginning of next. You’re about to see a ton of numbers and words thrown at you, so don’t say I didn’t give you fair warning. Skim through the bold if you must… (They are sorted in order of likelihood for this season.)

Jason Isringhausen – 300 Saves

The trade of K-rod was a blessing for no one else more than Jason Isringhausen, who has become the interim closer for the New York Mets. With the 3 saves he has already earned this year, the ex- Generation K member now has 296 career saves, four away from a respectable 300. Only 22 other pitchers in history have reached this plateau and only 2 are active (Francisco Cordero of the Reds and Mariano Rivera of the Yankees.) John Franco and Billy Wagner recorded save 300 with the Mets. If Izzy goes on to record Save 300 with the Mets, they will be the only team in MLB history to have 3 players record save 300 with them.

Ex-Met Carlos Beltran – 300/300 Club

Before the trade, Carlos Beltran was on the verge of a very impressive milestone – the 300 HR/300 SB club. Only 7 other players in history have ever reached this milestone (Barry/Bobby Bonds, Dawson, Finley, Mays, A-Fraud, Sanders). Beltran stands at 295 HRs and 292 SB (with only 39 CS!) and in my opinion, has a very strong chance of making the club. I add him to the list because I know a large group of us will still follow Beltran even after his departure (and he’s on both my fantasy teams, so I’ll keep everyone updated.) I wish him the best of luck – the HRs will be easy for him, the 8 SB not so much. He’ll also touch 2,000 Hits by the end of his career.

Jose Reyes – 100 3B, 25 3B in one season

Jose’s next triple will give him 100 career triples. If Reyes had not been injured in ’09 and had 10 triples (and compiled 10 next year), he would have had eight consecutive years of 10 triples, a very special list. If our sparkplug hits 9 more 3B the rest of the season, a ridiculously difficult task but somewhat doable, he would join the 25-3B club, a task that has not been done since 1925. Standing at 362 career steals, Reyes will likely surpass 400 career steals sometime next year.

Mike Pelfrey – 50 W

With Pelfrey’s victory last night, his next win will be his 50th.

Jason Bay – 200 HRs and 100 SB

If Jason Bay ever decides to start hitting for power again, he is a mere three HRs shy of the 200 career mark (197) and 15 steals shy of 100 for his career (85). There is a possibility that Bay will hit his 200th HR with the Mets this year. His .227 batting average with the Mets this year is his lowest career mark by 20 points, so I think eventually, he’s going to have to stop pressing. What in the world happened, though?

David Wright – 200 HRs/150 SB

Wright is a long way from 200 HRs (176) so don’t expect that this season. He is, however, only three steals away from 150 for his career. He is 11 RBI away from 700 for his career, though.

Angel Pagan – 100 2B/ 100 SB

Angel stands at 87 2B and 81 SB, so he’ll probably do it next season.

Daniel Murphy – 100 2B

He’s currently at 73 and raking. He had 38 in 2009 to go with 12 HRs.

Johan Santana – 2,000 IP and 2,000 K

If Santana returns to around his normal self for next season, he’s a lock for the 92 IP needed and the 123 K needed for him to reach 2,000 on both areas.

Honorable Mentions (Non-Mets)

AFraud: 500 2B (493)

Jimmy Rollins: 100 3B (99)

Mark Texiera: 1,000 RBI (982)

Johnny Damon: 400 SB (393)

Bobby Abreu: 400 SB (386)

And finally, a player who deserves a ton of respect…

Jim Thome: 600 HRs (596)

Off the field, Thome is putting all 10 of his nieces and nephews through college. It was reported on ESPN that shortly after his nephew, Brandon, was paralyzed in a tragic accident, he asked Jim to hit a home run for him; not only did Thome fulfill the request but he hit two homers in the game. In a 2007 poll of 464 Major League Baseball players, he was voted the second friendliest player, tied with Mike Sweeney. Best of luck to all these guys completing their milestones. 4 to go, bro! (I know he played for the Phillies but still, great guy.)