Does Beltran Go Sooner Than Later If Wright Gets Hot?

Third baseman David Wright since returning from his back injury has gone 3-10 with a pair of doubles and 4 RBIs. My immediate thought on that is, if Wright continues to hit the ground running coming off the DL, will Alderson deal Carlos Beltran sooner rather than later?

With a week to go until the deadline, Beltran represents the best bat on the trade market. The fanbase has had mixed feelings about trading Beltran because the Mets remain a weak contender for the wild card and dealing the All-Star rightfielder would be a white flag on Alderson’s part. The 34-year old Puerto Rico native has been the only major bat in the middle-of-the-order for the Amazin’s this year in the absence of Wright and Ike Davis. But now that Wright has returned, we have a middle-of-the-order bopper, so trading Beltran would not be detrimental, although it will greatly decrease the chances, to a Mets run for the wild card.

Jon Heyman as well as others stated that Beltran would likely be a deadline deal, but if the Mets have Wright, what is stopping Alderson from pulling the trigger on a deal for a Mike Minor or a Gary Brown? We have Wright now, so why risk Beltran getting injured in the next week and kill the chance at a Grade A prospect?

Now that Wright is back more or less in both senses of the word, I think Beltran will go before the Mets go to our nation’s capital for the series with the Washington Nationals. I think Alderson is waiting not only for any last minute buyers, but also to see if Wright would comeback strong, and in the small sample we have seen, he has.

Beltran, it has been a pleasure seeing you on TV and at the ballpark over the past seven years, and best of luck to you in your future after the Mets, which I believe will now come sooner than expected with the hot return of David Wright.

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